Meet Destin!

Dental Comfort Dog

Destin is not only a patient favorite, but has also become a well-known member of the Ann Arbor community.  He is a trained Emotional Support Animal and Therapy Dog who LOVES to help.  He can sense stress and anxiety and understands when to comfort a patient.

Many of our patients will request Destin at their side and prefer his company over sedative drugs.  He has a calming effect and provides a great distraction during dental care. After helping hundreds of patients, we often receive requests that he be present during certain appointments.

When Destin is not hanging out with our patients, he loves to go out snowboarding with Dr. Dobracki, help at children’s health centers, entertain at retirement communities, and chase squirrels.  He LOVES to chase.

His parents are both national champion show dogs and known for their intelligence and temperament.

He knows many tricks but some of his favorites are:

  • “Go Blue”- His High Five
  • “Whisper” – His indoor bark
  • “All Done” – He can take a patient’s bib off and throw it away

Fun Fact: His Real name is Destin “Kiss on The Beach” Dobracki