Implant Crowns

These crowns sit on top of an abutment that is attached to your implant. Sometimes they will sit directly on the implant. Our office uses only bio ceramic and zirconia crowns. If you have sensitivity issues, we suggest you take a biocompatibility test so we can customize the materials used in your restorations to be specific to you. We do use the healthiest materials currently available, however that does not guarantee that sensitivity will not occur.

If your implant was placed by an implantologist, we will need a final report once you have healed and are ready for your crown. This report lets us know what type of implant you have received and what we need in order to perform the procedure.

The implantologist will give you special parts for your crown fitting. Please bring with you any parts you are given for your implant to your appointment. Parts are specific for your implant. We do not have extras in the office. If you have lost your parts, we can order you new parts. There is a cost for new parts and we would have to wait for them to arrive in the office before we could continue your restoration.

Unlike a standard crown, you do not have a temporary in place when you leave this appointment. We would replace the healing cap on the implant. On average, it does still take two weeks in order for the crown and abutment to return from the lab. You will be conveniently scheduled for your implant crown delivery during your appointment.