Bio-Active Dentistry

Ann Arbor’s Dentist is passionate about utilizing the utmost Bio-Compatible materials. The office is free of Mercury and other harmful metals such as Tin and Aluminum. Our filling materials are tooth colored and both BPA and Bis-GMA free. We also offer advanced materials that actively interact with weakened tooth structure to further strengthen it. These materials come preloaded with ions and nutrients that are released into the tooth in a time-lapsed fashion. The newer materials we utilize can also be recharged by simply brushing your teeth to promote a constant benefit to a previously weakened tooth that in the past may have needed a root canal. These materials allow patients to maintain the maximum amount of their natural tooth structure, lower exposure to harmful chemicals, and produce beautiful and long-lasting results.

Everyday we promote “drill-free” dental procedures. Our team is trained in air abrasion kinetic force techniques which preserve maximum amounts of tooth structure. This technique typically uses alumina particle which are now known to cause some serious harmful effects when inhaled. With newer technology, Ann Arbor’s Dentist uses bioactive glasses which have the same benefits of the older system without the harmful effects and additionally make teeth stronger.