My favorite part about coming to the office is they know my entire family by name and know exactly what I need to feel comfortable

Molly H. (Dexter)

Why We Are Different

We have a no judgment policy.
Everyone is treated as an equal.

Your Respect: Professionalism can go a long way and we believe it is a must from your heath care providers. You deserve a positive feeling of esteem when you visit your dentist. We are constantly striving to earn your respect by improving ourselves and our practice on an ongoing basis.

Your Time: We know you are busy and we will do anything we can to respect your time. We offer both weekend and evening hours for your convenience. No appointment time will ever be wasted and we will try to accomplish as many of your goals as possible. Our team is highly trained to be both thorough and efficient.

Your Emergencies: Bad things happen to good people at the most inconvenient times. Our team and Dr. Dobracki are available in Ann Arbor during both weekends and evenings to help you get back to a healthy and beautiful smile. We will do everything possible to both diagnose and treat your emergency situation in the same day in a painless way!

Your Comfort: Our office understands that many people have anxieties about visiting the dentist. For that reason, we have been trained to alleviate your anxieties and put you at ease. Our patients actually enjoy coming to see us. Ann Arbor’s Dentist provides amenities to help you relax and feel at home: comfy blankets, eye masks, noise canceling headphones, iPads, comfortable massage chairs, neck wraps, preloaded toothbrushes, organic products, essential oils and we have an IN-OFFICE dental comfort dog.

Your Finances: We are sympathetic to your feelings about finances. You will always be provided with a cost estimate prior to treatment if you have any questions. The very knowledgeable team is happy to provide you with complimentary insurance checks and insurance predeterminations. Our fees have no fluff-there are no upsells, no hidden fees, and no extra costs. The fees reflect actual chair time, dental materials, and lab costs. 

Your Health: We do not use mercury or any other toxic metals. We avoid Aluminum containing porcelains. Many recent studies have proved important correlations between your mouth and the rest of your body. This is why we provide extensive comprehensive exams that always check for infections, lymph inflammation, oral cancer, skin cancer, illness, gum disease, body meridian challenges, oral micro flora, and periodontal disease before we even begin to look at your teeth. We use only premier materials that have been tested to the highest biocompatibility standards.  We customize treatment based on individual biocompatibility profiles dictated by plasma white blood cell responses in polymerase chain reactions.

Your Safety: Every measure is taken to ensure the environment around you is safe. Elite sterilization procedures, emergency kits, and staff training are put in place and regularly tested. We use a combination of heat and cold sterilization, infection barriers, disposable single use (recyclable) materials, and cross contamination barriers. No harsh chemicals or metals are used to sterilize our instruments (many offices use mercury gas to sterilize).  Safe cleaners are incorporated to daily cleaning protocols and multiple negative ion generators and charcoal air filters have been placed throughout the office.