“Our physician who uses more holistic approaches recommended Ann Arbor’s Dentist. We love the office. Both of us had our Mercury fillings removed and our physicals last year had better results than ever before. We greatly appreciate the conservative care, late hours, and warm personalities at this office”

Wanda and Earl (Chelsea)

Holistic Biological Dentist

Many studies have been published over the last ten years validating the efficacy of holistic care modalities in dentistry. We have incorporated those proven options into the many services we already offer. Dr. Dobracki has taken hours of continuing education on how to best treat patients looking for more ‘natural’ care. Our patients with metal allergies, side effects from root canal treatment, patients with Mercury poisoning, and others have all been very grateful for the positive effects holistic dental care has had on their overall health and well being.

We are a Mercury free office. You will not find those older “silver” fillings here. We use bonded, tooth color restorations that come in Eco-Friendly packaging and are BPA free.

We use specialized Mercury removal techniques which prevent you from inhaling or swallowing damaging metals such as mercury, tin and aluminum.

Our office is equipped with specialized Mercury Filters, Sterile Distilled water, and an elite sterilization system.

We do not expose you to excess Fluoride or other drugs that can be harmful to your digestive system.

We utilize steam sterilization as opposed to chemical-based sterilization and have eliminated toxic cold sterilization.

We use laser dentistry to preserve tooth structure and treat teeth as conservatively as clinically possible. Additionally, our team uses lasers and digital imaging techniques to diagnose cavities earlier than ever before. This prevents small problems from being ignored and thus prevents the spread of dental decay which can lead to infection.

We use non-latex products. Our products are bio-compatible rated.

We utilize ozone therapy. This powerful oxidant destroys cell walls of dangerous pathogens in your mouth thus killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites while leaving absolutely no toxic byproducts behind. One molecule of ozone has the oxidizing power of 3000 molecules of chlorine and kills pathogens 3500 times faster.

At every visit we perform an oral cancer screening and ensure that your Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is functioning properly.

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