Outside X-Rays

X-Rays from outside offices: We understand and respect a patient’s wish to limit radiation exposure from x-rays and will accept the transfer of records, or x-rays from outside offices. In order to facilitate this requisition, we need to receive your  x-rays or records at least one week prior to your in person appointment. There is a records transfer and review fee of $90.

If we do not have your records the week prior to your appointment for the doctor to review, we will take our own x-rays on the day of your appointment. Our x-ray equipment is all digital using the lowest radiation technology available. Your health and safety is very important to us. You would get more radiation exposure from a day at the beach than when we take a full series of x-rays on you.

We are also happy to provide you with a radiation detox sheet full of information gathered from Dr. Dobracki’s extensive knowledge about how to help your body detox out the radiation, using natural methods ranging from foods, bathing and supplements.