Eco-Responsible Dentistry

We consider taking care of the environment an OBLIGATION and a PRIVILEGE. The medical industry has become notorious for excess medical waste, excess packaging, and non-biocompatible products. WE REFUSE TO GIVE IN. Our team has joined forces with eco-friendly companies and developed an in-office, “green-friendly” protocol. It is part of us being a biological dental office.

Green dentistry is a high-tech approach that reduces the environmental impact of dental practices and encompasses a service model for dentistry that supports and maintains wellness. Green dentistry meets the needs of health and wellness lifestyle patients and helps dental professionals protect planetary and community health.

We are able to reduce waste and pollution, save water and energy, maintain high-tech diagnostic equipment, and support a wellness mission.

Ann Arbor’s Dentist Is Eco Safe

  • Certified ECO-SAFE products
  • Certified FRIEND OF THE SEA Products
  • Steam sterilization to replace chemical based sterilization.
  • Eco Friendly Disinfectants that maintain a hospital-grade environment in the dental clinic.
  • Recycling Program for office materials.
  • Eco Conscious clinical attire
  • Vendors which allow us to recycle appropriate medical waste.
  • Materials that will bio degrade
  • Amalgam separator to prevent mercury pollution from failed amalgam fillings.
  • Digital XRay system to reduce X RAY pollution by 80%. No more lead foils and no more Ammonium Thiocyanate.
  • LED and high efficiency light bulbs in our equipment as well as our dental suite.
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Laser Dentistry to minimize excess medical waste.
  • Modern vacuum system. Older systems waste 360 gallons of water per day!
  • Office furniture from recycled materials.