“I avoided going to the dentist for over 10 years due to a traumatic and damaging experience as a teenager. After my first visit here, I wish I had found this office years ago. The staff and technology available made me feel comfortable and at ease. After meeting Dr. Dobracki, I am actually looking forward to my next visit.”

Wanda Z. (Tecumseh)

Dental Anxiety

If you have been delaying your dental treatment due to a past experience of a high dental anxiety, then our welcoming staff and sedation dentistry can change your life. You can finally achieve excellent oral hygiene and a beautiful smile without any reservations.

Whether it’s your first time coming here or your hundredth, we always want you to feel at ease. We schedule requested “meet the doctor” visits just so you can feel comfortable before starting any treatment. This gives you the opportunity to sit down with our highly qualified dentist and share any of your concerns in a private setting. If it is your first time, you will receive a tour of of the office so you can feel right at home. Everyone here is very friendly and has been specially trained on how to minimize any dental anxiety.

We offer multiple amenities for your comfort and enjoyment including iPADs, noise cancelling headphones, pillows, and blankets. We have even implemented an oil diffuser to provide a more pleasant aroma. We also encourage you to meet Destin, our Golden Retriever Dental Therapy dog. Destin is trained to sit at your side where you can pet him to help you further relax. He is a favorite amongst children and patients with anxiety. Even some of our cat-loving patients have fallen in love with Destin.

Our staff will both educate you in regards to care you may require and then take the time to communicate the treatment to you so you understand each step. We are here to earn your trust by delivering exceptional service and outstanding clinical care. No request is ever too much, so simply let us know what we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, relaxing, or comfortable.