“Impressed! I have never received such a thorough exam and explanation of my oral health. Being a physician, I truly appreciate the attention to detail clinically and loved my friendly hygienist.”

R. David MD, PhD (Saline)

Our Pledge

We WILL NEVER USE toxic materials on you or your children.

Our entire team of service-oriented professionals is dedicated to creating a great experience by providing an all around comfortable dental visit full of compassion and patient education. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and materials to ensure you only receive excellent dentistry based on peer-reviewed published studies. Ann Arbor’s Dentist is committed to providing a truly biological atmosphere full of fun and friendly smiles. Dr. Dobracki is devoted to providing contemporary, comprehensive oral health care with a focus on systemic well-being. By offering a broad array of dental and biological services in a kind-hearted environment, Ann Arbor’s Dentist can help your entire family reach a healthy and beautiful smile.