“Every time I come, I love to see Destin and see what new tricks he has learned.”

Molly. age 8 (Ann Arbor)


Noise Cancelation Headphones: Don’t let the high-pitched noises of the hand piece deter you from a great experience. Our tranquil music and noise reducing headphones allow you to zone out and completely relax. Also, our high tech instruments create minimal noise for your comfort.

Eye Masks: Relieve commonly held tension around your eyes while we put you at ease in our comfortable dental chairs.

Blankets: Stay cozy on those cold Michigan days or just cuddle up with our extra plush, sterile blankets.

Neck Wraps: While we help you achieve a healthy smile, you can enjoy warm and cold neck wraps to relieve any tension in your neck.

Massages: Enjoy a specialized shoulder massage while you get numb. This is a patient favorite!

Destin: Our office has an official mascot. Meet Destin the Golden Retriever. He is undergoing advanced training to offer further therapy. Destin has become a kid favorite! Feel free to treat him…he even has a trick for “Go Blue”