“I come to Ann Arbor’s Dentist for a peace of mind. They are welcoming, their work is fantastic and they are always considerate of my schedule.”

Aaron W. (Brighton)

Elite Technology

Digital XRAYs: This is the safest way to take XRAYs for everyone involved. The image clarity is unbeatable and extremely diagnostic. Digital XRAYs expose the patient to 90% LESS radiation than previously. This technology allows us to show you first hand what we see as well as magnify, sharpen and color your images to point out potential problems that can now be caught earlier than ever, preventing unexpected toothaches.

Magnification: Both the doctor and hygienists wear special eyeglasses that magnify your tooth by as much as 5 times. At Ann Arbor’s Dentist we pride ourselves on being as detail oriented as possible when it comes to your health care.

Latex Free: We use Nitrile, non-latex, products for the safety and consideration of our patients and their allergies.

Laser Dentistry: Ever since the US Food and Drug Administration deemed lasers safe in the dental profession, they have proved to be very advantageous for excellent dental care. Lasers can be used to help wounds heal faster, kill infectious bacteria, significantly shorten appointment time, control bleeding, and they can be used instead of drills. Often children do not require shots for cavities with the use of lasers.

Laboratories: We only use certified laboratories with a national reputation of being the best. Just like with any other product, there is a difference in craftsmanship. We use American laboratories know for their artistry and workmanship. These labs ensure a great final product and a quicker turn around time for your convenience.

Mercury Free: We are a MERCURY-FREE dental office. No dental treatment you receive at our office will contain mercury. We do excel in SAFE removal of mercury based amalgam fillings. Mercury is very dangerous in the vapor and liquid states, thus great precautions must be taken for proper removal and disposal of the metal. All of our staff members are trained to recognize leaking mercury fillings as well as the proper methodology for safe removal.