Dental Ann Arbor MI

Your Smile, Your Ann Arbor Dentist

Living in Ann Arbor allows you to experience many diverse cultures, great culinary creations, farmer’s market, fun festivals, friendly neighbors, holistic health care, sport traditions, and an incredible education system. You also deserve to have a great dentist as part of your personal health care system.

Our dental team wants to get to know you on a personal level. A great visit starts with a great relationship. We enjoy watching your family grow and mature as we are here to serve your dental needs. The better we get to know you, the better we can care for your family.  On a daily basis, we communicate and collaborate with the local nutritionists, naturopaths, and holistic physicians in the greater Ann Arbor area.

Unlike other offices, we are not here to sell you dentistry. We are here to improve your health.  You never have to feel uncomfortable or on edge at our practice. As a premier provider, we are here to ensure you are receiving the best oral health care that is available anywhere.

Like you, we are concerned about minimizing our green footprint and promoting a nourishing environment for future generations. We are an eco-friendly dental practice that utilizes recycled materials, green cleaning agents, digital technologies, and modern systems of reducing our wastes.

Dr. Keith Dobracki is a University of Michigan Dental School clinical professor and very active alumnus. Growing up locally in Ann Arbor has instilled a passion for improving his local community by philanthropy. He has a welcoming personality, a passion for great patient care, and a drive for excellence in the dental profession.  

Dr. Dobracki competed in three sports at Ann Arbor Huron High School and was also a National Honor Society member. He is a member of the IAOMT, IABDM, Holistic Dental Association, Fluoride Free Dentistry, Talk International, ECO friendly dentistry.  He has won awards for Best Of Ann Arbor, Detroit HOUR magazine TOP Dentist, Natural Awakenings Top Dentist, and Consumers Research Top Dentist.

You can now find Dr. Dobracki around Ann Arbor spending time with his family and friends. He lives near downtown and often rides his bike into work to further promote the eco-friendly dental office. Dr. Dobracki enjoys Michigan football in the fall, snowboarding in the winter, walks in the Arboretum in the Spring, and any excuse to get out onto a lake during the beautiful Michigan summers.

Dr. Bowerman is a University of Detroit Mercy graduate who grew up in the Upper Peninsula enjoying unspoiled Michigan beauty and wildlife.  Her excellent clinical skills helped her earn a position as a restorative faculty member at the University of Detroit Mercy.  She now has a beautiful family and spends her time in Ann Arbor and Dexter.  She enjoys being on ice skates in the winter and leisurely walks during the summers.  Achieving Fellowship status with the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Bowerman continues to excel in her career and provide excellent and compassionate care to her patients.  Patients always comment on her attention to detail and extra effort to make all patients comfortable at Ann Arbor’s Dentist.