What To Expect When You Arrive

When you get to the office

Please knock on Bottom Right Window where you see the sign “KNOCK HERE”

One of our Team Members will come out to ask you some screening questions. The Team Member will also take your Temperature.

Things to consider for your visit

Please use the restroom at home before you leave.

*Patients will still be allowed to use our restrooms, however we are trying to limit the foot traffic in our restrooms.*

  • Please wear long pants and long sleeves. Gloves are recommend as well, for your safety.
  • You must wear a mask to enter our building. You may remove your mask when seated in your Dental chair.
  • You will be given a rinse of O-Zone water prior to your treatment; this will help kill bacteria in mouth.
  • Please bring your own pen for documents you may need to sign.

Please leave extra family members at home

If the patient is a minor, a parent or guardian may be allowed to join. 

Please do not bring extra siblings. Extra family members that show up to the appointment may be asked to wait in the car.

This is for their safety, as well as the safety for other patients in the office.