Steps for making a Tele-dentistry call

First Step – Very Important!

Please Email:

In the subject line, Please Write: Reserve Tele Dentistry call

Please provide us with your:

  • First and Last Name
  • Date Of Birth 
  • Best Contact number (Please indicate if Text is ok) 
  • Dental concern
  • Existing or New Patient

The Fee for the call is $100.00 – collected at the time of reservation

  • Our team will be submitting all requested Documentation to your insurance company for reimbursement with new codes created for COVID-19 time frame.
  • It will be up to the individual insurance company if they chose to reimburse the payment. 

Currently, we are triaging patients over the phone. Our office has updated its hours, extended appointment times to allow for improved safety protocols, and we are rescheduling all patients from March 2020 until now.

We are utilizing a limited number of treatment chairs and separate waiting rooms and sterilization areas for patient safety. Our team is efficiently scheduling treatment needs for you to receive the best care in the safest optimal setting.

Tele-Dentistry is preventing a high patient flow in the office to minimize patients from coming in contact with each other. We have been helping our patients and their families in this manner for the last three months. Our methods allow patients to be diagnosed and scheduled for the necessary treatment much faster and safer.

Each Tele-Dentistry call will help determine future treatment plans, how to move forward, and how to maximize your safety. The new required protocols on how to enter our office, what to wear, and what to expect will also be reviewed.

If you are experiencing the following concerns

  • Crown off
  • Sensitivity
  • Tooth Pain/Swelling
  • Chipped tooth/filling
  • Following up on treatment from 2019
  • Filling fell out
  • Bad Taste in mouth