Dental Care during COVID-19

Update To Our Patient Family:

After the national realization of how important a healthy mouth is during a pandemic outbreak and for virus prevention, the Executive Order has been lifted allowing Dental Offices to begin all routine Dental Care, including our Hygiene Patients.   

Luckily, our office has been prepping for this day. We are a board certified biological measure and already have the mandated “new” protective measures in place. Additionally, we have added more ozone, nano-silvers, UVC, separate waiting areas, 2 sterilization areas, updated HVAC, new HEPA filtration, in-depth patient screening, and the most advanced protective equipment available. Unlike public groceries or stores, every team member is highly trained in OSHA, ADA, and CDC protocols. Our office, although small, is sterilized with the same protective protocols as major hospitals.

Ann Arbor’s Dentist is excited to come back better than ever and help treat our patient family. We have new hours that will continue to change for convenience. So, again, thank you for your patience as we navigate this together. Please understand your appointments may be longer than usual in order to optimize your safety.

We have invested over $100,000 for your safety during this challenging time. Unlike other offices, we are NOT incorporating a PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT fee for each visit. These fees range from $10-$40. We also donated 20% of our safety equipment to local hospitals.

*We will GRATEFULLY accept any donation at your visits to help us keep you safe*

To clear up some confusion

Our team is starting to reach out to patients to schedule needed appointments. We do still need to be mindful of our appointment time slots. We will want to make sure we stay on top of having PPE. Our nation is still in a crisis for PPE. If we run out, we will need to shut down again. Luckily, we have prepared. However, many offices are unable to open due to not having necessary PPE.

Currently, we are canceling all previously booked appointments through the end of June. (If you have spoken to a team member in the last week, you still have your scheduled appointment)

If you were scheduled prior to COVID-19, your June appointment has been canceled. We will be rescheduling all patients as quickly as we can and for as long as we have proper PPE.

We understand that you may have questions or concerns. We want to be able to accommodate all your questions. Our phones are still being utilized for outbound calls as a priority. Please utilize our new email addresses for your specific questions.

Please provide your:

Name or Patients name


Current concern or question

Best email address for you

Contact number: Please let us know if we can text or leave a message

If you are a patient who we are rescheduling an appointment to see one of our Dentists:

  • This means your appointment to see Dr. Dobracki or Dr. Lindsay was canceled due to COVID-19
  • You have an appointment scheduled to see Dr. Dobracki and Dr. Lindsay in July or future and you would like to keep it or cancel it at this time. (we do not have a current schedule yet for July, but would like to get an idea of who would like to be seen should we be able to accommodate)
  • You already have a current (no earlier than January of 2020) treatment plan from one of our Dentists. (all treatment proposed prior to January 2020 will need to be reviewed with a doctor before scheduling)
  • Ozone Appointments

Please email:

If you are a patient who would like to schedule a Hygiene visit to see one of our Hygienists:

  • Professional cleaning
  • Scaling and Root Planning
  • Deep Cleanings
  • Diagnostic images
  • Exam by one of our Dentists
  • Have been getting cleanings every 3 months

Please email:

If you are a patient with a new concern or would like to get a treatment plan from one of our Dentist:

  • Including an emergency
  • Sensitivity
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Loss of filling
  • Chipped tooth

Please email:

If you are a patient seeking some of our Biological treatments:

Needing to set up a plan for new treatment or interested in picking back up on a treatment plan made prior to January 2020:

  • Amalgam removals
  • Teeth with Root Canal Concerns
  • Whole body health
  • Nutrition Health and optimization
  • Laser Therapy
  • Auto Immunity
  • Heavy Metal Detox
  • Blood tests
  • Dental Material Sensitivities
  • Tri Test options, Heavy Metals
  • Bio Compatibility options
  • Long term Dental concern that might be causing problems to other parts of the body
  • Brain optimization

Please email:

Billing Needs

We are also here for all your billing needs as well. Please be mindful that we do work with insurance companies, and they too also have to catch up and come up with new systems since COVID-19. We are here to take payments and help plan for treatment costs.

  • Billing questions
  • Treatment plan cost
  • Pre Determinations for already planned treatment
  • Insurance questions
  • Account Receipts
  • Collections
  • Past Balances

Please email:

Moving Forward: All appointments will be reserved with a Credit Card. We have to call in specific team members to help provide care, and keep an efficient schedule for all those in need. Nothing will be charged to you card, unless you have a No-show appointment or Cancel within 48 hours. If this occurs, there will be a charge of $100.00 to help cover your scheduled appointment time.

Thank you for your patience as we welcome all of our patients back. We understand this has been stressful for you and your loved ones as well. We will accommodate you to the absolute best of our abilities. Please understand we are also learning as the world changes with the intention of keeping you at your best health.