Yvonne Zakalowski

I am a proud grandma!  My granddaughter is a wonderful next step in my life from my beautiful daughter. Life has been great since I married my high school sweetheart. In my spare time, you will see me in my flower gardens or riding my bike with my dog Laya who is a Pomeranian. Layla loves to sit in the basket as we ride around. We love cruises and our favorite has been Alaska, we have been back three times, it just beautiful and unspoiled.

I started in dentistry as a step to find my career just out of high school. Who knew I would still be in the dental field today. My area I love the most is dental insurance. I love paper work!  I have worked in several different areas of dentistry, there are general dentistry, implantology and periodontal offices. I have been an assistant, front desk receptionist, business assistant and was head of several insurance departments. I will be glad to help you in any way with questions you may have on your dental coverage.