Shayna Swartz

Hi my name is Shaynna, I am a hygienist here at Ann Arbors dentist. I started my journey in the dental profession in high school at Penta career center in Rossford Ohio for dental assisting. I never had much of an interest in school until I started the program and had a real interest in what I was learning for once. I did not grow up going to the dentist regularly due to my family having a high fear of dentistry. I think this is what drove my curiosity. Due to this experience I relate to patients that are nervous and really have an understanding for their concerns.  After my assisting education I knew I wanted to further my education and decided to go to Owens Community College right down the road from my high school. I love helping others and being a hygienist allows me to do this everyday. In my spare time I love to hang out with friends and family every chance I get, playing board games, soccer, and even video games. I am an avid animal lover, I have four cats that are basically treated as children. I hope this introduction helps you feel more welcome, my goal as a hygienist is to help you with your dental goals and your overall health.