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Jasnik Parmar

I have been relying exclusively on this dentistry office since I was in elementary school years ago, so I felt I had substantial expectations to meet when there was a succession of the dentist. My expectations were more than exceeded! The staff is as friendly and welcoming as ever, and their commitment to quality of service is exemplary. The technology and atmosphere has moved even farther forward and I am equally impressed by Dr. Dobracki’s knowledge and skill. In conclusion, I completely recommend the services of Ann Arbor’s Dentist. I am confident you will find your experience matches my own.

Lisa Parsons

The team at Ann Arbor’s Dentist is amazing. They are caring, compassionate and make every effort to make sure you are as comfortable as possible with your dental experience. As a parent it was extremely important for me to locate a Dentist that would be patient and understanding with my seven year-old’s fears and anxieties regarding having a cavity filled. Having dental work done for the first time can be a scary experience for anyone, but especially so for a child. Dr. Keith Dobracki and his staff did an excellent job of validating and respecting my son’s feelings by patiently allowing my son the time and space he needed to get through the procedure; they allowed him to take breaks as he needed it to regain his composure and re-focus. They provided a dental therapy dog that helped to calm my son (a very adorable dog, I might add). The entire experience was geared towards my son’s developmental level with language used that he could understand. The next morning Dr. Keith personally called me to check on my son and see how he was doing. That is superb customer service! Dr. Keith definitely cares about his patients. The best part about the whole thing? The evening after having the dental procedure I asked my son if he liked Dr. Keith. His response? “Yes, definitely.” I don’t know about you, but for my child to walk away from the experience of having a cavity filled still liking the dentist, well I think that is pretty special. If you are a parent looking for a dentist that is great with kids I highly recommend going to Ann Arbor’s Dentist to see Dr. Keith Dobracki and his fabulous team of dental hygienists and assistants! You won’t be disappointed.

June Anderson

My experience at Ann Arbor’s Dentist was great! They have amazing friendly staff who treat you like family & Dr. Dobracki is great! Also loved Destin the therapy dog, great addition for kids and adults who get nervous about going to the dentist. I’ll definitely be recommending Ann Arbors Dentist to all my friends and family along with anyone looking for top service and great holistic care.

Megan Rancee

Very Comprehensive.  I have been going to the dentist all my life and I learned more about me teeth, my posture and even my gut health than ever before.  Great attention to detail and very welcoming. Even though it was my first, I felt like I belonged and was even offered a tour to make me feel comfortable.  Being from the South, it reminded me of Southern Hospitality.  The cleaning was precise but not painful. The doctor was on time and showed me X-Rays, Pictures, and lasers readings of me teeth.  Again very comprehensive and in a great setting.

JT Mitchell

If you want holistic dentistry, then the buck stops here!  I am an alternative physician and was blown away by their abilities to diagnose heavy metals, look at the bacteria biofilm in my mouth, muscle test, read meridians, and provide comprehensive care. I was able to eliminate my heavy metals, stop my chronic periodontal disease and stop early cavities.  Even though the drive from Chicago was long during the winter, it was well worth the effort as not only does my mouth feel great but my entire body has improved.  Working with a dentist who is also a naturopath and well versed in biological care with biomimetic materials has been rewarding.