Meet Our Staff

Amy Ravenga Dental Assistant
Amy Ravenga, Dental Assistant

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, and lucky enough to be attending the University of Michigan for my Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene. After studying human resources at MSU, I left to travel for three years around Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. I had the experience of working as a dental assistant for two years in New Zealand before returning home and deciding to further my career in dentistry, and begin a family of my own. I was married in New Zealand and I am now the proud mother of an energetic toddler, who I get to spend all my free time with adventuring outside, doing art projects, and cooking with. My growing family is my support team and inspiration!

Debi Helton Clinical Manager
Debi Helton, Clinical Manager

Debi has been in dentistry for nearly forty years (yes, that’s forty) She was raised with her four brothers. Along with her husband, She loves the water and old muscle cars. They own a 1972 Chevelle and are both active in car activities and drag racing. They are both animal lovers and are active in a few different rescue programs. They also are active in Make a Wish and Disabled American Veterans.  Michigan born and raised this is no surprise, Debi loves flower gardening and tends to nearly 800 square feet of gardens in her back yard. She loves antiquing and frequently incorporates antiques in her gardens. Her favorite place on earth is anywhere up north and enjoys beading, bicycling and cooking.

Debi was inspired early in life by her grandmother who made everything from scratch and believed that the natural way of treating any condition was far better than traditional medicine. She believed that the cure to almost everything could be found growing out of the ground and that nutrition was the best prevention. Debi loves to help her patients understand their dental condition and helping them through the process of attaining good dental health. She tries to live by the motto “treat others as you would like to be treated.

Elaine Harper Dental Assistant
Elaine Harper, Dental Assistant

I started in the Dental field as an assistant in 1987; I have been in this office since 1997. I attended Washtenaw Community College and finished at the University of Michigan. I am very big on family, being a mom of two, now adults and nanna to three as shown in my picture. I also have one dog named Sheila who is a German Sheppard. This office is like my family after being here for 16 years. My experience makes it easy to get to know my patients on a personal basis. I love them all! My hobbies are of course being with family, especially my grand-babies, I also love to travel, golf, shoot pool, play softball. I am very involved in my church community. I have also been part of the VLCOG Dance Team for 14 years. My favorite vacation would be anywhere along the ocean by a nice beach.

Jessica Dobracki Business Manager
Jessica Dobracki, Business Manager

Jessie is here to help our patients with any financial or insurance matters. She has received years of additional training specializing with medical and dental insurances. Her friendly personality and drive for excellence makes her a perfect fit in our office. Jessie is always going above and beyond to make sure our patients are well taken care of. She is new to Michigan by way of Georgia so Jessie is still figuring out life in the winter months. You can find Jessie at any Ann Arbor restaurant as she loves food or you can catch her in one of our many parks strolling after work. She has also become an avid GO BLUE fan!

Justin Samuleson Hygienist
Justin Samuleson, Hygienist

Justin has been a practicing dental hygienist since 2011 after graduating from the Dental Hygiene program at Wayne County Community College. Practicing modern dentistry techniques, Justin’s competence with a diverse patient population has allowed him to gain invaluable experience over the years. Justin is also licensed to administer local anesthesia and nitrous oxide and is skilled in providing gentle and comprehensive prophylaxis treatments. Charismatic and friendly, Justin is committed to patient education and provides the optimal patient experience. Customizing each visit with a focus in care and personalization, you’ll feel at ease and look forward to every cleaning. Originally from the Cadillac Michigan area, Ann Arbors blend of city and country life was big draw for him. “I like that you can drive downtown to get an amazing meal from one of Ann Arbors trendy restaurants, then drive for 5 minutes and find your self surrounded by fields and farms.” As a recreational runner, Ann Arbors many running trails held great appeal as well. Outside of work Justin moonlights as a Zumba instructor and enjoys reading, drawing, and watching UM hockey.



Kim Alexander Front Office
Kim Alexander, Front Office

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan along with 3 other siblings. Kim moved away in her mid twenties, to attend college in California. After 10 years and two sons later, she moved back to Ann Arbor and has not left. She has worked in both the hotel and banking industries. Kim has been at the front desk here at the dental office for the past 8 years. She always looks forward to meeting new patients as well as catching up with our current patients. She is the guru of dental insurance and our patients appreciate the complimentary benefit checks she performs on a daily basis. Kim loves to spend time with her family and has a beautiful daughter who will begin middle school. She loves to travel and enjoy new experiences.

Meet Destin! Dental Comfort Dog
Meet Destin!, Dental Comfort Dog

Destin is not only a patient favorite, but has also become a well-known member of the Ann Arbor community.  He is a trained Emotional Support Animal and Therapy Dog who LOVES to help.  He can sense stress and anxiety and understands when to comfort a patient.

Many of our patients will request Destin at their side and prefer his company over sedative drugs.  He has a calming effect and provides a great distraction during dental care. After helping hundreds of patients, we often receive requests that he be present during certain appointments.

When Destin is not hanging out with our patients, he loves to go out snowboarding with Dr. Dobracki, help at children’s health centers, entertain at retirement communities, and chase squirrels.  He LOVES to chase.

His parents are both national champion show dogs and known for their intelligence and temperament.   He knows many tricks but some of his favorites are

“Go Blue”- His high 5.

“Whisper”-His indoor bark.

“All Done”- He can take a patient’s bib off and throw it away.

Fun Fact: His Real name is Destin “Kiss on The Beach” Dobracki

Yvonne Zakalowski Insurance Concierge
Yvonne Zakalowski, Insurance Concierge

I am a proud grandma!  My granddaughter is a wonderful next step in my life from my beautiful daughter. Life has been great since I married my high school sweetheart. In my spare time, you will see me in my flower gardens or riding my bike with my dog Laya who is a Pomeranian. Layla loves to sit in the basket as we ride around. We love cruises and our favorite has been Alaska, we have been back three times, it just beautiful and unspoiled.
I started in dentistry as a step to find my career just out of high school. Who knew I would still be in the dental field today. My area I love the most is dental insurance. I love paper work!  I have worked in several different areas of dentistry, there are general dentistry, implantology and periodontal offices. I have been an assistant, front desk receptionist, business assistant and was head of several insurance departments. I will be glad to help you in any way with questions you may have on your dental coverage.